The Joker

The Joker shows a monstrous boggart, related etymologically to the Welshbwci and the Irish púca, wearing the traditional Gaelic clothing of sixteenth century warriors while juggling nine objects. In our asymmetrical deck these are nine swords, recalling the feats mentioned in many tales of warriors juggling their weapons. In our symmetrical deck, these include the four suits, the Ceathair Seoda na Tuatha Dé Danann: four treasures of the ancient Celtic gods. The word seoid meant more than just a precious item in the old language, though. It also meant a path or way of life. The Ceathair Seoda can thus stand as icons of the different kinds of activity or even profession: the cauldron of knowledge and inspiration, the sword of leadership, the spear of warriorhood, and the stone of abundant authority.